International Research Journal of Applied Finance (IRJAF)

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The IRJAF invites original research papers and case studies those are not in consideration for publication in any other journals. The papers need to be highest quality and rigorous. Authors need to give a declaration that the work is original.Authors and Case contributors are delighted with citations and response that they receive for their original research papers and cases.

View and download case studies in Finance, Accounting, and Corporate Finance. Teaching notes is available to faculty members on request. There is no restriction on downloads and usage of case studies. However, we request you to send an acknowledgement email to case authors.

Before submitting your full manuscript, we suggest you to read the author guidelines. Papers those are not in accordance to IRJAF guidelines are desk rejected.

View and download the original research papers published in current issue. View this page for regular updates.

Submission fee to be paid only if double blind peer review process leads to acceptance for publication.

Eminent professors from global academia are on IRJAF editorial board. Their continuous support and concrete suggestions help IRJAF to reach new heights year on year. The IRJAF editorial board is headed by Prof. Rama Krishna, and supported by two associate editors, five sub-editors, editorial board members and editorial advisors from renowned universities span in all continents.

Submit your original research paper through our online submission form. Please submit your full manuscript in Microsoft Word format. You can also submit LaTex document.

Use this electronic submission form to submit your case study. IRJAF case studies are widely discussed in many business schools across the world.

International Research Journal of Applied Finance (IRJAF) publishes high-quality research on all aspects of accounting, finance, economics, including traditional areas such as investments, mutual funds, derivatives, international finance, asset pricing, corporate finance, as well as new areas such as issues related to emerging markets. The journal welcomes contributions that deal with international issues or issues related to specific countries. The intention of IRJAF is to provide an outlet for innovative, quantitative research in accounting, finance, economics which cuts across areas of specialization, involves transferable techniques, and is easily replicable by other researchers. Contributions that introduce statistical methods that are applicable to a variety of financial problems are actively encouraged.

Publication Ethics and Publication Malpractice Statement
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IRJAF is an excellent repository of highest quality research papers in the areas of accounting, finance, and economics. View and download hundreds of papers contributed by faculty members across the world. Around 70 percent of papers are by AACSB accredited schools professors.

The IRJAF follows double blind peer review process. Articles are reviewed meticulously. Reviewers’ comments and suggestions are shared with authors. Once corrections are made, IRJAF prepares proof read and will send to authors. Multiple proof reads are prepared until the authors and editor-in-chief is satisfied with the quality of paper. Once the final proof read is accepted, paper will be published online instantly.